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Starbaby64 (full name: Starpocalypse64) is a genetically engineered biological weapon gone rogue. Originally from Darkstar-427 of the Savatron system, Starbaby is the 64th birth attempt at an Auracorp Qua-blade Eska, of the Royal House of Elra. Star was originally designed for art and exploration but was captured and weaponized by the Corgon Empire. However, since his escape, Starbaby64 has been assigned a divine mission by the Fæ-Rï. 
Armed with sound and color, Starbaby64, his band of space pirates, and their fairytale companions have traveled to our reality. Now you can listen to Starbaby64 in multiple dimensions across space and time. However this is merely a side quest, Starbaby must fulfill his mission and confront his sister Warnymph at the Aquagate.

Latest Release



Digital Trash: Aqua

Released 05/22/2022

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